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Applications Guide

Amplifying Microwave Signals

Issue:  August 9 2012

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Feature Video - Microwave Power Amplifier Linearity
White Paper - Microwave Power Amplifier Fundamental
Characterizing Amplifier Gain Compression
Power Amplifier Gain Compression Measurement


Microwave Power Amplifier Fundamentals

by Carlos Fuentes
An amplifier is one of the most common electrical elements in any system.  The requirements for amplification are as varied as the systems where they are used.  Amplifiers are available in a large number of form factors ranging from miniscule ICs to the largest high-power transmitter amplifiers.

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Microwave Power Amplifier Fundamentals
Characterizing Power Amplifier Gain Compression

by Leonard Dickstein
When an RF or microwave application requires cascading several amplifiers in a system, gain compression performance of the individual amplifiers must be characterized. Cascading amplifiers improperly will result in poor gain performance 

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Power Amplifier Gain Compression Measurements

by Leonard Dickstein
The 1 dB gain compression of an amplifier describes the region where the gain drops off 1 dB compared to the small signal linear region. The industry standard for specifying the gain and output power of an amplifier is the 1 dB gain compression point (P1dB). 

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